Permanent Makeup 
Permanent Eyeliner: starting at $300
* additional $50 for add-on lower liner
* touch-up fees apply 6-8 weeks if needed
Eyeliner Touch-up: $150
Permanent Lip Blushing: Implantation of permanent makeup pigments for a natural look. Great for those with little to no color in their lips, for discoloration etc. Starting at $450
Classic Microblading(3 hour apt): $550
Microblading/shading combo (3+ hour apt)-$600 
(microblading strokes combined with manual or machine shading. Suitable for those with oily skin, missing sections of the brow or those with no hair at all for a more realistic looking brow).
Nano Brows (3+hour apt) $600 

technique using a permanent makeup machine and a single needle to create hair strokes.  Less inflammation compared to microblading . Better for aging, thin skin, oily skin or just skin not suitable for microblading.
Traditional PowderBrows/Ombre Brows (microshading only) 3 hour apt- $550
(suitable for oily skinned clients or for color correcting old PMU). Using manual tool or machine method.
* touchup fees apply 6-8 weeks
* amount of touchups vary depending on the persons skin and the saturation level wanting to be achieved.