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Permanent Makeup 
Permanent Eyeliner: starting at $300
* additional $50 for add-on lower liner
* touch-up fees apply 6-8 weeks if needed
* pricing/styles vary from lash enhancement, smokey, wedged or winged eyeliner
* price is for first session only. Amount of touchups needed varies per person, however most clients only need one session.
Eyeliner Touch-up: $225

Permanent Lip Blushing: $450
 Implantation of permanent makeup pigments for a natural look. Great for those with little to no color in their lips, for discoloration etc. Price is for first session only. Amount of touchups needed varies per person. 
Lip Touch-up: $225
Lip Color Boost (1-3 years): $300+

Permanent Brow Techniques: $675 for the package (includes ONE touchup)
Techniques include:

Classic Microblading 
(strokes only):  
Suitable for those with "airy" brows or those with an adequate amount of brow hair but needing fill in between the hairs. Best for young, healthy, and normal to dry skin. Not suitable for extremely dry, thin, sensitive or oily skin.

Microblading/Shading Combo:
Microblading strokes combined with machine shading. Suitable for those with oily skin, missing sections of the brow or those with little to no hair at all for a more realistic looking brow.

Nano Brows:  
This is a machine "hair-stroke" technique that causes less inflammation/trauma to the skin compared to microblading . Suited for any skin type yet better for aging, thin, oily skin or any skin not suitable for microblading. Uses both hair-stroke and powder fill techniques as needed. 

Traditional Powder Brows/Ombre Brows (micro-shading only)
A powdery or "pixelated" look suitable for very oily skinned clients, for covering and/or color correcting old PMU or for a soft "makeup" look. 

* The amount of touch-ups vary depending on the persons skin and the saturation level wanting to be achieved. 
* Additional touchup fees are applied after package sessions.

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