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* Unfortunately since Covid shutdowns Natalie is only taking new clients for Permanent Makeup procedures at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding! If you need a referral for facial or waxing services, please reach out!




Makeup Application $175 (includes airbrush and lashes)


Bridal Makeup Package $350 (includes makeup trial, airbrush and lashes) 

*on-site application fee and hourly rate if time goes over agreed time (touchups etc.) will be additional fees.




The Basics: Classic facial for non-acne clients that includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and nourishing treatments tailored to individuals skin. 45 min $100


Teen/Acne: This is a more in-depth facial for acne flared/congested skin. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, proper and safe extractions, as well as steam and high frequency treatment if needed. 60 min $115 


European: My most popular pampering facial! Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and steam with a rejuvenating mask tailored to your skin type. Exfoliation and massage of the neck, shoulders, chest, back, arms and hands is sure to relax you! 75 min $150


Perfect for right before an event! Micro-current stimulation is performed to specific muscles of the face and neck to lift and tone, for a more rested look. Lymphatic drainage is also performed to decrease puffiness specifically around the eyes. 75 min $175

TLC Facial: Deluxe facial combining both micro-current and micro-channeling devises to tone, tighten, exfoliate, detox and eliminate puffiness. Great for before a big event! 90 min $200

Back Facial: Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, necessary treatments and massage. $50+



Treatments and Peels:


Facial Infusion: The most potent form of vitamin A (retinaldehyde) creates rapid cell turnover without inflammation. Penetrating several high-dose active ingredients and nutrients deep in the dermis your skin will be immediately transformed. (facial add-on $50)

Micro-channeling treatment: Facial add-on $30 Ala-carte (25 min) $45

A safe and effective, chemical-free, non-invasive method that triggers new collagen production in the skin. Similar to micro-needling, this devise helps to lighten pigmentation (age spots) acne scarring, soften wrinkles and tighten the skin using stainless steel micro-cones to "stamp" target active serums deeper into the skin, creating micro-channels to deliver them to the dermis. The act alone is exfoliating, stimulating cell turnover and regenerating new collagen and elastin! Your skin will feel slightly wind-burnt in some areas (temporarily) the day of, but start to glow continuously over the weeks afterwards.

*Contraindications: pregnancy, diabetes, keloids/raised scarring, eczema, acne, psoriasis and other chronic skin conditions; history of actinic (solar) keratosis, herpes simplex (cold sores), rosacea, presence of raised moles, warts or lesions.


Micro-current Facial 75 min $175 (Ask about series pricing)

Micro-current (electric current) technology has been around since the 1800's as a treatment for damaged tissues and muscles, eventually helping to stimulate and awaken muscles in the faces of Bell's palsy patients. During these treatments the antiaging benefits revealed a new gateway for skincare professionals to reach the dermis for optimal results! Facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, target serums, lymphatic drainage, target area(s) of pinpoint muscle stimulation, mask with steam, hydration and zinc SPF. 

Lymphatic Drainage (using Micro-Current) 15 min (facial add-on $25


Peels: Peels are available upon request and customized to meet specific needs. They may require using a prep and post kit for optimal results. Pricing varies.




Arms $40
Back $45
Bikini $35
Brazilian $65
Brazilian Maintenance $55
Eyebrow Design $25
Full Face $45
Full Leg $75
Half Leg $50
Full Leg and Bikini $95
Full Leg and Brazilian $125
Lip, Chin or Cheek $12
Lip and Eyebrow maintenance $35
Underarms $25


Full Face $45

Eyebrows $25

Lip $15


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